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Dryer Maintenance Service

“The leading cause of home clothes dryer fires is failure to clean them.” NFPA Public Education Division and York region fire prevention.
It is a well-known fact that clothes dryers presents fire hazards due to the production of lint, which is highly flammable.
Not all the lint get caught in the lint screen, lint will find its way to the inside of the dryer and to the heating elements forming a dangerous fire hazard, therefore, an annual maintenance service according to the manufacturer’s guidelines is important to keep the dryer machine running safely and efficiently

Kitchen\Bathroom exhaust maintenance cleaning

The main goal for kitchen\bathroom exhaust fans is extraction of air, smoke, steam and the smells in that air to the out side. With time this action of extraction will block the fan exhaust with fine debris, grease and dust decreasing the efficiency and the functionality of the exhaust.
A well maintained exhaust hoods keep areas cool, contribute to a healthy air quality and reduce the incidence of fire and danger. This of course is the most important benefit and in some cases may even be a factor in the reduction of insurance costs.

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