Make-Up Shaft Cleaning and Replacement

Make-Up Air Shaft

A fresh and clean air in the hallway of your condominium building is important to the health of the residence. To achieve a clean airflow through your make up airshaft system it is essential to maintain it by the use of special equipment properly on a regular bases.

To write as a special note for all maintenance services: { due to the differences in manufacturers guidelines, a pre assessment to the maintenance steps and prices will be customized to you individual system. }

Make-up Air Shaft Cleaning

  • Remove the hallway grills for cleaning downstairs. Seal hallway openings to contain debris.
  • Attach negative air machines to top and bottom of vertical shaft and air scrub shaft to remove dust buildup.
  • Wash/wipe all fire damper grills in place. Hepa vacuum and brush insulated horizontal ductwork in boiler room.
  • Hepa vacuum and brush insulated fan compartment. Air wash then pressure wash fan blades and housing.
  • Air wash Fan coil.
  • Apply a protective antimicrobial coating to the insulation in the fan compartment and the horizontal ductwork in the boiler room.
  • Pressure Wash the heat transfer coil to increase airflow and efficiency.

Make-up Air Re-Balancing

  • Perform air balance of all floor
  • Check cross sectional louvers for proper operation
  • Set all diffusers for distribution of air
  • Check operation of Make-up Air motor and test amp draw, adjust as necessary for maximum operation and air flow
  • Provide condition report

Some of the tools to be used in the make up air shaft cleaning

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